One thought on “Expat Chat

  1. Lovely to read your Blog. We lived in Mandalay 1986-1988. it had the same effect on us as well. many happy memories. telephones not working \, power spiralling up and down and outages, carrying one’s own petrol if you went travelling. Being self reliant if things went wrong because we were far away from help.

    I have that same cook book which i bought in burma. and it is a treasured possession..
    i would love to go back but don’t want to spoil the happy memories.
    We were there for an Australian government sponsored project. there were only 24 expats in the area and we had lovely parties and made our own entertainment as we were very restricted and there was not a lot to do except explore the sites around Mandalay.
    We had to leave in 1988 as the uprising started and our contract was coming to an end
    All the best ,

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