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A huge thank you to Linda at Adventures in Expat Land for taking the time to read and review my book Expat Alien.

Riveting Expat Reading: Expat Alien

August 17, 2012 by LAJ

Last week I was away spending some well deserved time alone with Husband, Son and Daughter. After the hectic and emotionally draining summer we’ve had, it was nice to enjoy the sun, surf and sand on Captiva Island in southern Florida.

It was good for us to reconnect as a family, relaxing individually and collectively as one day slipped into the next. We also made sure to store up the sunlight for colder, darker days ahead back home in Nederland, but we needn’t address that at the moment.

One thing I did do while relaxing was to catch up on some expat reading.

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11 thoughts on “My First Review!

  1. You’re very welcome Kathy, and thank you for such a good read. We have some haunts in common as I grew up not far from Ithaca, and lived in Cuernavaca during college. Reading about Teotihuacan, Popocatepetyl and so on brought back fabulous memories. More recently I lived in Arlington VA for 20 years, so we might have crossed paths along the way!

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