Happy New Year…

The holidays are over. Another year gone.

Spent the last week in the deep freeze. Below zero. Windy. Cold.

My Apple TV went on the fritz so no Netflix during my hibernation. Well, not on the TV, anyway. Been huddled over my iPad. Watched mainstream TV last night. The Golden Globe awards. Don’t think I have ever watched them before.

Just by coincidence I went to see LaLa Land last week. They won a lot. Well done.

Meryl Streep accepted a lifetime achievement award and took the opportunity to comment on our present state of affairs in this country. Fear, hate….

Meryl ended with a quote: “Take your broken heart and make art.” Princess Leia aka Carrie Fisher

I posted the video of her speech on Facebook because I liked what she said. We are all equal and should be treated with respect and have empathy for each other. No matter where we come from or who we are. It is something we should live by and expect from each other. Kind of relates to the TCK thing. Pretty basic.

I immediately received ranting hate messages from people who couldn’t even be bothered to watch the clip. Auto matic.

Both their response and the Tweeter-in-chief’s response were the same. What right does some over-rated Hollywood actress have to say such things? She was using entertainment to discuss politics. And of course, buying into media myths. Outrageous.

Wait. Wasn’t there a TV personality who used his position to push forward the birther conspiracy?  Or something like that?

Never mind. Doesn’t matter. I could blather on about it but what does entertainment have to do with politics? Nobody cares. Business as usual. And groping women? When was that ever not okay?

So what is it all about?

So what if Russia hacked our election? So what if people think it’s okay to treat each other with disrespect and nastiness. Nothing to be done about it. It’s all ok.

2016 was not a fun year. The elections dominated. Many icons of my youth died. Time is passing. Another year gone.

So what is it all about?

It will pass. — — Or not….

I plan to march with the women on January 21. I won’t make it to Washington but I will participate locally.

“The Women’s March on Washington aims to send a message to all levels of government that we stand together in solidarity and we expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities.” From the Womensmarch.com website

I have been hearing “defund Planned Parenthood” a lot. Why? They do so much good and help so many women. It’s not about abortion, it’s about life. If you are pro life and pro health, you would fight for Planned Parenthood. If you are a woman, have you ever been disrespected? Has a man ever grabbed you without invitation, leered at you, made comments, raped you? Is that okay? Women have to watch the bills, tend to the children, do the housework, and many need to hold down jobs as well. Yet they are not worth the same as a man. Is that okay? We fought for so many things over the past 50 years and frankly, didn’t make a lot of progress, but we did make some progress. And now that is in jeopardy. Wake up people.

Okay, that was my rant. Women are awesome. Go to the march.

HaHa – just saw this:

January 4, 2017 2:21 AM EST – Organizers from the D.C. Cannabis Coalition are preparing to give away thousands of joints in DuPont Circle in a protest to “stink up” the inauguration. (WUSA9)

and – 
Alec Baldwin posted a photo on Instagram of himself wearing a red cap with “Make America Great Again” translated into Russian (Cyrillic). He just doesn’t quit.

People are doing funny things, poking fun. But it really isn’t funny, is it?

So what’s it all about?

Doesn’t matter. It’s all okay.

Things are not what they appear to be. Smoke and mirrors.

Hey maybe it will be America’s best year ever. Maybe America will be great. Yay. Being who I am, I always had a different perspective so just waiting to see what happens next. Seatbelt is secure.

It will pass….

It’s another year.

Life is never dull….


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year…

  1. I’m with you on all counts, sister! Meryl is my idol.

    I don’t why haters gotta hate and now they feel it’s okay to do so openly. I never thought it would come to this, me crossing my fingers, holding my breath, wondering if it’ll pass.

    The Germans, I used to think – why didn’t they DO something? Why didn’t they just get out. Yet here I sit.

  2. Great post. These are poisonous times, and we must be cautious of what foul fumes we may breathe….

  3. Hi Kathleen, great post. just got back to Honduras from the deep freeze in the Midwest. Good for you going on the Women’s March! Happy New Year!

  4. Great stuff Kath! eager to hear Obama’s message of hope tonight and I will be marching in Des Moines next week!

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