Best answer: Which US states have the largest population of Afghan refugees?

Fremont, California, is home to the largest population of Afghan Americans followed by Northern Virginia.

Where are the Afghan refugees going to?

Iran also remains a significant host for Afghans, with nearly 800,000 registered refugees and at least 2 million more who are unregistered. Smaller numbers of Afghan refugees and asylum-seekers are in India (15,689), Indonesia (7,692) and Malaysia (2,478).

Why did refugees leave Afghanistan?

The surge in numbers trying to leave comes on top of the 2.2 million refugees already in neighbouring countries and 3.5 million people left homeless within Afghanistan’s borders as a result of ongoing conflict and political instability.

What is an Afghan refugee?

Afghan refugees are citizens of Afghanistan who were compelled to abandon their country as a result of major wars, persecution, torture and genocide. … They again migrated to neighboring countries during and after the Afghan Civil War (1992–1996).

Which country has the most Afghan refugees?

A rundown of their locations gives an overview of where Afghans typically seek refuge. 85 percent of Afghan refugees can be found in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries Iran and Pakistan, while Germany comes third with 148,000 – or around 5.5 percent – of Afghan refugees counted in late 2020.

How do refugees flee their country?

When refugees first flee the conflict in their home country or area, they settle in places where they hope to find safety and shelter. … The majority of the world’s refugees live in a country that borders their own. People usually seek refuge in either refugee camps or in urban areas.

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How many refugees does Afghanistan have in Australia?

There are approximately 12 -15,000 permanent Afghan community members in Australia. They have arrived mainly since the Soviet invasion in 1979. In addition, there are about 3,500 Afghans on temporary protection visas.

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