Frequent question: Do I need NBI clearance for Canadian citizenship?

Do I need a police clearance for Canadian citizenship?

You must get a police certificate if you’re applying for permanent residence or Canadian citizenship. … You do not need to provide a police certificate for your time in Canada. If required, a Canadian criminal record check will be conducted.

What are the documents required for Canadian citizenship?

Step 3 – Gather your documents

  • a copy of the biographical page of your passport/travel document (as requested above and also can be one (1) of your pieces of personal identification)
  • permanent resident card (PR card) …
  • driver’s licence.
  • health insurance card.
  • senior citizen identification card.
  • age of majority card.

Do permanent residents need NBI clearance?

Because the NBI clearance certificate is one of the requirements for application of permanent resident in Canada you can write in the purpose: “immigration requirement.” … Take the accomplished NBI Form No. 5 to the nearest Philippine embassy or consulate or police agency (RCMP), or fingerprinting agency.

Do you need police certificate for citizenship application?

For Citizenship applications

All citizenship applicants are required to provide a penal clearance certificate or police check from each country visited, if: … the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days; or. they are requested to do so by the Department.

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How hard is it to get Canadian citizenship?

Becoming a Canadian citizen is tough. You need to first be a permanent resident and have lived in Canada for three out of the last five years, among other requirements.

How long does it take to get Canadian citizenship after applying?

Processing time: 12 months.

How do I prove I am a Canadian citizen?

Documents that prove your Canadian citizenship

  1. citizenship certificates (including older certificates)
  2. citizenship cards.
  3. other documents like birth certificates and naturalization certificates.
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