Frequent question: Is migration certificate issued by CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the Class 12th results. … After the result is declared, students are being issued a migration certificate so that they can use it for further admission procedures.

How can I get migration certificate from CBSE?

Students can request Central Board of Secondary Education for hard copies. Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Migration Certificates for class 10 and 12 students will be made available on DigiLocker. CBSE will issue the hard copies of the migration certificates to the students only on request.

What is migration certificate of CBSE?

Migration certificate is required to facilitate the candidate to seek admission to another institute for a further course of study. The primary and the mandatory pre-requisite for that is one must be a pass out from the CBSE board.

Is migration certificate and PAssing certificate same in CBSE?

PAssing certificate is not same as migration or provisional certificate, board from which you have passed your +2 will give a passing certificate for the same. It comes some time after the marksheet, so you should check with your school whether they have yours or not.

Is duplicate certificate valid?

If the duplicate certificates are issued by the relevant Board and University with proper seal and stamp, then these documents will definitely be accepted by all Government authorities during the document verification process.

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What can I do if my migration certificate is lost?

You can contact your school and board regarding your issue and they will charge you a nominal fee for reissuing of duplicate certificates.

How can I get migration certificate?

A student should first log in to the portal and click the migration certificate link to begin the process. The registration and online forms are available on the website. The fee required for each application and the certificate concerned can be remitted online.

What’s migration certificate?

Migration Certificate is a document issued by the concerned University or Board in which one studies. It helps in getting admission to another institution or any education board and it is issued at the completion of the course along with other necessary documents.

Can we get two migration certificate?

You won’t get it twice because maybe you can enroll in two Universities at the same time and which is illegal, so that’s the reason why you are issued migration only once. As it simply tells that you are legally free to join any other institution. When you go to college for UG you will have to submit it to the college.

Do we need migration certificate to study abroad?

Yes, leaving certificate is a mandatory document to be provided if you want to get admission in a university abroad. Migration certificate and leaving certificates are different. … So you cannot provide migration certificate you need to obtain the leaving certificate from the college in which you have graduated.

Is online migration certificate valid?

Digilocker is a digital document locker launched by goverment of india so that one can access important document’s any time any where. Yes your migrations certificate from digilocker is valid and acceptable for any admissions as it is digitally verified and signed by cbse.

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