Frequent question: What is the immigrant paradox quizlet?

The “immigrant paradox” refers to the finding that immigrants who were born elsewhere and migrate to the United States exhibit better health than their same-race/ethnic counterparts who were born in the United States.

Which factor does the immigrant paradox refer to quizlet?

Immigrant paradox- The fact that on many measures of psychological functioning and mental health, adolescents who have immigrated more recently to the US score higher on measures of adjustment than adolescents from the same ethnic group whose family has lived in the US for several generations.

What is the healthy immigrant paradox?

The healthy immigrant paradox describes a phenomenon observed in many countries where immigrants who have just moved to a host country have better health outcomes than the native populations of the host country.

What is an immigrant quizlet?

Immigrant. a person who comes to live in a country from another place.

What is the Hispanic health paradox?

The Hispanic Health Paradox also described as the Latino or Epidemiologic Paradox, refers to the relatively good health of Latinos within the US, despite what lower levels of socioeconomic status might predict [1].

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Which best describes the Hispanic health paradox?

Which best describes the Hispanic Health Paradox? In spite of higher rates of poverty and lower incomes, people with Hispanic/Latino/Mexican heritage have LOWER death rates than whites for most leading causes of death in the US. … Dairy products are common in traditional Asian American food ways.

What is the best way to describe the relationship between the personality traits in the Five Factor Model?

What is the best way to describe the relationship between the personality traits in the Five-Factor Model? A Three traits- Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Openness – are positively correlated.

How does the similarity attraction effect relate to the conditionality of one’s relationships?

How does the similarity-attraction effect relate to the conditionality of one’s relationships? Both are accounted for by relational mobility. Which of the following products or services does NOT capitalize on universal bases of attraction? Sanjay is an Indian male who has been in an arranged marriage for 15 years.

What are Acculturative stressors?

Acculturative stress is defined as a reduction in health status (including psychological, somatic and social aspects) of individuals who are undergoing acculturation, and for which there is evidence that these health phenomena are related systematically to acculturation phenomena.

What is salmon bias?

A second hypothesis is the so-called salmon bias effect, an expression first used by Pablos-Mendez to describe “the compulsion to die in one’s birthplace6. This hypothesis asserts that many immigrants return to their country of origin when they expect to die shortly1,5,6,7.

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