How are the new migrants separated from the lives they used to live?

How are the new migrants separated from the lives they used to live? They are disconnected from the land and denied a voice in the community.

What is excerpt from The Harvest Gypsies about?

In this excerpt, Steinbeck discusses the role of migrant workers in California’s agriculture industry. As you read, take notes on the common life and work experiences of migrant farm workers.

Which of the following best describes a migrant worker?

A migrant worker (or foreign worker) is any person that moves from their country of origin to a different region or another country in which he/she does not have an official citizenship, looking for a stable and often seasonal job to obtain enough economic support and staying for a determinate period.

What did migrant workers do in their free time?

When they were not working or looking for work, or tending to the civil and domestic operations of the camp, the migrants found time to engage in recreational activities. Singing and making music took place both in private living quarters and in public spaces.

Why does Steinbeck say the migrants are needed and they are hated?

Steinbeck traces the degeneration of the migrants as their poverty and hunger increases. The longer they live as migrants, Steinbeck argues, the further they degenerate into miserable inhumanity caused by a complete loss of their dignity.

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What’s the main idea of the Harvest Gypsies?

Steinbeck reminds readers that the migrants are American citizens, having come from a proud agrarian history of civic and church duty. Abject poverty and the constant threat of starvation have destroyed the migrants’ spirit as they are overcome by first shame, then hopelessness, and ultimately indifference.

What distinction does the author draw between migrant farm workers?

Explanation: The author was trying to let us know that, due to the type of visa which the migrant workers have, they have no choice than to leave the US after the expiring of the validity while on the otherhand, the migrant workers from within US never had such issue.

When did migrant workers start?

After 1848: Following the end of the Mexican- American War (1846-1848), tens of thousands of migrant workers from Mexico began arriving in the United States. In many cases, they freely moved across the border.

Do migrant workers exist today?

Answer: Migrant workers do exist today mostly in California, America, these workers migrants from Mexico and other neighboring countries. … Migrant workers migrate to wherever there are low-skilled jobs available. The money is low some are among the poor communities.

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