How do I change column name and data type in laravel migration?

How do I change the datatype of a column in laravel migration?

open your migration file and write down below. Schema::table(‘yourTable’, function (Blueprint $table) { $table->string(‘column_name’,’4294967295′)->change(); }); As, longText have maximum of 4,294,967,295 character limit, Laravel will automatically change column_name to longText data type.

How do I rename a table in laravel migration?

To change a table name, you can do this: Schema::rename($currentTableName, $newTableName); You can use the drop or dropIfExists methods to remove an existing table: Schema::drop(‘users’); Schema::dropIfExists(‘users’);

How do I update a column in migration?

Let’s build some migrations…

  1. Open a terminal in the root of your application.
  2. Create the migrations table: php artisan migrate:install.
  3. Create an empty migrations script php artisan migrate:make create_users. …
  4. Write our migration – edit the file that we just created. …
  5. Run the migration: php artisan migrate.

How do I edit columns in laravel?

Edit Column with View

use DataTables; Route::get(‘user-data’, function() { $model = AppUser::query(); return DataTables::eloquent($model) ->editColumn(‘name’, ‘users. datatables. into’) ->toJson(); }); Then create your view on resources/views/users/datatables/name.

How do I add a column in laravel migration?

laravel 5.6 and above

php artisan migrate is still the same though. You can add new columns within the initial Schema::create method like this: Schema::create(‘users’, function($table) { $table->integer(“paied”); $table->string(“title”); $table->text(“description”); $table->timestamps(); });

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How do I change my migration order in laravel?

You have to create a custom command that executes php artisan migrate:refresh –path=/database/migrations/name_migration. php repeately with the migrations’s name in the order you want. Like this: Create Command class with: php artisan make:command NameClass.

How do I fix laravel nothing to migrate?

Basically What I did is :

  1. Download Laravel via composer.
  2. Edit . env for connection to database using user root.
  3. Create migration using php artisan make:migration create_table_category.
  4. Run php artisan migrate.
  5. Result = Migration table create successfully, nothing to migrate .

Which command is used to run migration?

EF Migrations series

Enable-Migrations: Enables Code First Migrations in a project. Add-Migration: Scaffolds a migration script for any pending model changes. Update-Database: Applies any pending migrations to the database. Get-Migrations: Displays the migrations that have been applied to the target database.

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