How many Iraqi refugees are in Jordan?

Iraqis in Jordan are estimated to number approximately 200,000 and comprise approximately 4–5 percent of the total population.

Can Iraqi refugees work in Jordan?

They are not recognized as refugees by the Jordanian government and as a result, most live in the country illegally and can be deported at any time. They cannot lawfully work and have little or no source of sustainable income and are struggling to support themselves and their children.

How many people are in refugee camps in Jordan?

Over 6,200 refugees, representing over 5% of the camp population, have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 8% of the total population in Jordan. UNHCR supports the elderly and more vulnerable populations in refugee camps with the COVID-19 vaccine registration.

How many refugees does Jordan take each year?

As 2019 comes to close, the number of refugees registered in Jordan currently stands at 744,795 persons of concern, among them approximately 655,000 Syrians, 67,000 Iraqis, 15,000 Yemenis, 6,000 Sudanis and 2,500 refugees from a total of 52 other nationalities.

Why are there more Palestinian refugees in Jordan?

Palestinian refugees first arrived in Jordan during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, with a second wave coming in the wake of the 1967 War. … Today, most Palestinian refugees have full citizenship in Jordan, but a large percentage live below the national poverty line and lack access to quality education and health care.

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How many Iraqi refugees are in Lebanon?

Statistics for Iraqi refugees in Lebanon vary, but typically put the number at around 50,000, although the latest statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees put the current number of Iraqi refugees at just under 30,000, and yet some say the number may be as high as 100,000.

Can refugees work in Jordan?

Refugees residing in camps can obtain a work permit free of charge to work across the country in occupations open to non-Jordanians. Work permit holders will be able to work outside the camps. The work permit serves as a one month leave permit, facilitating the movement in and out of the camp.

How many Syrian refugees live in Jordan?

Jordan hosts around 658,000 registered Syrian refugees, although the real total of Syrians is estimated at around 1.3 million when those not registered are taken into account. An overwhelming majority of the total Syrian refugee population (estimated 81%) are living out of camps.

How many Yemeni refugees are there in Jordan?

Of the 751,275 persons of concern (PoC) registered with UNHCR in Jordan, 86,632 (11%) are from countries other than Syria: 66,823 (78.6%) Iraqi, 11,477 (13.5%) Yemeni, 4,211 (5.0%) Sudanese, 819 (1.0%) Somalis, and 1651 (1.9%) from other countries.

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