How many migrants drown in Mediterranean?

Mediterranean migrant deaths by quarter Per 1,000 arrivals
Q3 2014 30.6
Q2 2014 13.2
Q1 2014 4.2

How many refugees have died crossing the Mediterranean 2021?

So far in 2021, most of the men, women and children who died trying to reach Europe were attempting to cross the Mediterranean, where 896 deaths have been documented by IOM.

How many refugees have died crossing the Mediterranean 2018?

As has been the case since 2014, the Mediterranean’s central route between North Africa and Italy remains the region’s deadliest corridor. Missing Migrants researchers estimate one in 33 people died attempting to cross the Central Mediterranean in 2019, compared to one in 35 in 2018 and one in 51 in 2017.

How many Africans died in the Mediterranean Sea?

In 2020, 354 North Africans were recorded to have died in the Mediterranean Sea, while further 31 individuals came from Sub-Saharan countries. The Mediterranean Sea recorded worldwide the largest number of deaths and missing cases of people who migrated. Between January and March 2021, two hundred.

How many refugees die at sea?

“The Rudd government’s dismantling of the Howard government’s successful border protection policies directly resulted in more than 51,000 illegal maritime arrivals, including more than 8400 children, while it has been estimated that at least 1200 people (including hundreds of children) perished at sea.

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How many migrants cross the Mediterranean?

In all, over 1 million refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean (mostly the Aegean Sea) in 2015, three to four times more than the previous year. 80% were fleeing from wars in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. About 85% of sea arrivals were in Greece (via Turkey) and 15% in Italy (via northern Africa).

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