How many wildebeest die during migration?

250,000: Number of wildebeest who die during the migration, either from thirst or hunger, or predation.

How many wildebeest die in the river?

MAASAI MARA, Kenya (Reuters) – Some 15,000 wildebeest have drowned in the Mara river during their annual migration between Tanzania and Kenya, shocking tourists and baffling conservationists, officials said on Wednesday.

How many wildebeest are alive?

Of all the antelopes in Africa, the wildebeest population has grown from 250,000 alive in 1960, and 1.5 million as of 2020.

Do crocodiles eat wildebeest?

Slowly the crocodile began to drag the wildebeest under water. Crocodiles, with their long, heavy bodies and stubby legs, have the biggest advantage over large prey like wildebeest when submerged.

Why do wildebeest cross the crocodile infested rivers?

But its role in the wildebeest migration fascinated her. The animals see storms on the horizon and move toward them, knowing that the grass they eat grows after the rain. “They’re driven by such a strong instinct to follow those rains that they cross the river.

What is the biggest danger to the wildebeest when they begin their migration back home?

Thousands of the ungainly, horned animals fall prey to predators each year, while others perish from broken bones and drowning. One of the most hazardous moments comes when the herd must swim across the Mara River, shortly after passing from Tanzania into Kenya.

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