What are the three R’s of migration strategy?

What are migration strategies?

A cloud migration strategy is the plan an organization makes to move its data and applications from an on-premises architecture to the cloud. … A systematic, documented strategy is crucial.

What is refactor and Replatform?

Refactor—modifying applications to better support the cloud environment. Replatform—moving applications to the cloud without major changes, but taking advantage of benefits of the cloud environment. … Replace—retire the application and replace it with a new cloud-native application.

Which three methods are examples of application migration techniques?

6 Common Application Migration Strategies

  • Rehosting. Many refer to this as a “lift and shift” approach. …
  • Replatforming. …
  • Repurchasing. …
  • Refactoring / Re-architecting. …
  • Retire. …
  • Retain.

What is 6R strategy?

When we talk about application migration strategies, we refer to the 6R framework. … 6R framework proposes a separation of your apps into six strategies: Re-host, Re-platform, Re-factor/Re-architect, Re-purchase, Retire, and Retain.

What are the seven Rs of customer migration?

The 7 R’s of Application Migration

  • Refactor;
  • Replatform;
  • Rehost;
  • Relocate;
  • Repurchase;
  • Retire;
  • Retain.

What does Replatform mean?

What is replatforming? Replatforming involves upgrading an application from its existing platform and adhering to the minimum possible Twelve factors to get it to run on the cloud, while preserving existing functionality.

What does rehosting mean?

Rehosting is a way to preserve the expensive investments in business logic and business data trapped in proprietary hardware and software, while opening paths to future modernization by moving to an open and more extensible architecture.

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Is Replatform a word?

Replatforming involves changing and updating specific components of an application. … You can replatform while transitioning an on-premises application to the cloud or replatform an application you’ve already rehosted. The term replatforming is often associated with eCommerce, but it applies to any industry.

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