What cable do I need to transfer data from one Mac to another?

You’ll need a Thunderbolt cable. Ethernet is available on desktop Macs, Windows PCs and older Mac laptops. Expect to transfer 2 GB per minute. A Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter (or USB 3 to Gigabit adapter) adds a network port to Macs that don’t have one.

What cable do I need to transfer from Mac to Mac?

Connect the Thunderbolt, FireWire, or Ethernet cable from your old Mac to your new Mac. If you are using local Wi-Fi, make sure both Macs are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How do I transfer data from one Mac to another using cable?

To transfer your data over Ethernet, use an adapter (available separately) to connect the Ethernet cable to your MacBook Pro. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your other computer (you might need another adapter, if your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port).

Can I connect two Macs with USB cable?

If you plug two Macs together and boot one into target disk mode, the Mac in target disk mode acts like an external disk drive. You mean with a cable like that? Absolutely. It is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to connect two computers with that cable.

How do I connect two Macs to migrate?

Open a Finder window, go to Applications, open Utilities, then double-click Migration Assistant to do a wireless migration. Follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure both computers are connected to the same network, and keep the computers near each other throughout the migration process.

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How long does a Mac transfer take?

Answer: A: It depends on how much data you’re transferring and the method of transfer. Migrating 20-30 GB over a Thunderbolt 3 cable will take a few minutes. Migrating 100-200 GB over Wi-Fi will take a few hours.

How do I transfer files between Macs?

3 Easy Ways to Share Files Between Macs

  1. Hit Command+Shift+R to open AirDrop.
  2. Wait for the other Mac to appear, then drag and drop the file(s) to the Mac to transfer files to.
  3. On the receiving Mac, accept the file transfer.

Can you connect two Macs with HDMI?

If your Mac and display have an HDMI port, which is quite rare, you’ll just be able to use an HDMI cable to connect the two. Similarly with a USB-C equipped Mac and monitor, you will be able to use a USB-C or Thunderbolt cable.

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