What is Isabel’s strengths in refugee?

Isabel’s strengths are, as stated above, her loyalty, selflessness, and determination.

What type of person is Isabel from refugee?

Isabel is eleven years old and lives in Havana, Cuba, in 1994, under Fidel Castro’s regime. Like Josef, Isabel is deeply connected to her heritage, especially through music. An expert trumpet player, Isabel worries about her inability to count the Cuban rhythm called clave.

What did Isabel do in refugee?

Isabel spends much of the dangerous trip acting as an adult: she takes care of her eight-and-a-half-months pregnant mother, Teresa; she saves Señor Castillo when he is tossed overboard; and she spends much of the trip relentlessly bailing out water from their boat so that they can continue their journey.

What is Isabel’s destination in refugee?

Isabel Fernandez´s story takes place in 1994. She lives in a small town just outside of Havana, Cuba and she lives with her grandfather, father and Mother. After a revolt in Havana, the police are after her father so the family decides that they need to leave Cuba.

What is Isabel physical appearance in refugee?

Isabel was eleven years old, and all lanky arms and legs.

Does Ivan die in refugee?

Iván is excited by the opportunity that the United States brings, but his dreams are never fulfilled, as he is attacked by sharks while swimming alongside the boat and dies a day before the reach Miami.

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How does Josef die in refugee?

But perhaps Josef’s heaviest decision is the one he must make at the end of the novel: when Nazis give Rachel the choice of setting only one of her children free, Josef sacrifices himself in order to relieve Rachel from the burden of this choice and to spare Ruthie from the concentration camps.

Why did Josef leave in refugee?

His family must leave Germany. Josef’s family ultimately decides to flee by sailing on the infamous MS St. Louis, bound for Cuba. … Not wanting to leave their home, but scared for their safety, his family escapes Aleppo after their building is destroyed.

What does Josef look like in refugee?

Josef has “straight brown hair slicked back from his pale white forehead, brown eyes behind wire-frame glasses that sat on a short nose, ears that suck out maybe a little too far” (21). Josef is primarily concerned with what it means to become a man, and the safety of his family.

Who is Waleed in refugee?

Mahmoud’s 10-year-old brother. Mahmoud observes that Waleed is largely unfazed by most of the events of their journey, which worries him.

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