Who is the main character in the Little Refugee?

What is the message of the little refugee?

The Little Refugee is a warm and refreshing exploration of migrant experiences. It is also a testimony to hope, hard work and resilience. It speaks to those who are uncertain about the journey that they have embarked upon, to leave one country and settle in another.

Why did Anh Do leave Vietnam?

At the age of 3, he and his family left Vietnam, after the Vietnam war ended. They decided to leave Vietnam because they were on the losing side of the war. He fled Vietnam on a small wooden fishing boat. They were attacked by pirates, and finally saved by a German cargo ship.

How old was Anh when his dad left?

”From an early age, all I wanted to do was earn money to buy my mum a house,” recalls Do, now 33 and a well-known comedian. His father had left the family when Do was 13 and his mother earned just $6.80 an hour in a clothing sweatshop.

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