Why did Darfur refugees go to Chad?

Due to the renewal of fighting in Darfur between the rebel group Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudanese government, approximately 5,000 Sudanese have crossed the border to Chad in April 2010.

Where did the Darfur refugees go?

More than 250,000 have crossed the border into neighboring Chad, while others have fled to Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, Ethio- pia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Eastern Chad and northwestern Kenya are host to two of the largest concentrations of Darfuri refugees.

What country did most of the people of Darfur flee to?

Darfur refugee camps

The citizens in Darfur who have fled the genocide in Sudan—and continue to flee today—settle in one of the 13 refugee camps in Eastern Chad.

Are there still refugee camps in Darfur?

The Darfur crisis still continues. In the first four months of 2011 more than 70,000 people have fled their homes and taken refuge in camps established for displaced persons in Darfur. … Almost all of them have refugee status or protection (around 385,117) and live in Chad, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

How many refugees live in Sudan?

Refugees of Sudan

Total population
approximately 40.2 million
Regions with significant populations
Sudan 3,200,000 (internally displaced)
Egypt 29,286
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Where are the refugee camps in Chad?

Office Locations: N’Djamena; 13 refugee camps along the eastern border with Sudan: Amn Nabak, Bredjing, Djabal, Farchana, Gaga, Goz Amir, Iridimi, Kouchaguine-Moura, Kounoungou, Mile, Oure Cassoni, Touloum, Treguine; and one site, Kerfi.

How many refugee camps are in South Sudan?

About 272,000 refugees from South Sudan were living in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia, as of April 2016. Most of them live in these refugee camps: Pugnido camp: ~62,801. Tierkidi camp: ~54,750.

Who founded Chad?

Chad was granted independence on 11 August 1960 with the PPT’s leader, François Tombalbaye, an ethnic Sara, as its first president. Two years later, Tombalbaye banned opposition parties and established a one-party system.

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