Why do animals migrate 8?

Most animals that migrate do so to find food or more livable conditions. Some animals migrate to breed. … Some crustaceans also migrate for breeding. In many species of crabs, the females will move into shallow coastal waters to mate and lay her eggs, then they return to deeper ocean waters.

Why do animals migrate for Class 8?

They migrate to avoid suffering from thrilling heat or cold that imparts a tremendous impact on the availability of food for certain species. Birds and animals leave such harsh conditions and look for some different habitat where they can stay comfortably and have food to survive.

Why do animals migrate answer?

The majority of animals migrate either to find food or a suitable place to breed and raise their young. Species that migrate to the UK in winter do so to escape the extreme cold in countries further north, which makes food difficult to find.

What is life expectancy Class 8?

Answer: Life expectancy is the number of years an average person can expect to live, based on data.

What is population explosion class 8?

A rapid growth in population is referred to as population explosion. If the birth rate is more than the death rate, then there is an increase in population. If the death rate is more than the birth rate, then there is a decrease in the population. A decrease in population is known as depopulation.

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What do animals depend on to migrate?

Animals use a variety of cues to determine when it is time to migrate. Some migrations are triggered by external cues, like changing daylight hours or temperature. … Some animals rely on the position of the sun, moon, or stars, some use smell, and still others use the magnetic field of the Earth to guide them.

How do animals migrate without getting lost?

But according to an increasingly popular theory, birds and other animals use a radical pair-based compass to “see” the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing them to undertake great migrations and daring rescues without getting lost.

What do most animals need to survive?

What four basic things do all animals need to survive? Animals need food, shelter from weather and predators, water, and a place to raise young.

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