Best answer: Who is funding a ship to rescue migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe?

The Louise Michel, a rescue vessel funded by British street artist Banksy to aid migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea, issued distress calls Saturday and pleaded for European authorities to allow its passengers to come to port.

How is Banksy funded?

The elusive painter has been able to make money by selling prints, which were previously distributed through a website called Pictures On Walls (POW) until it stopped operating in 2017, and often featured the same iconic images he previously painted on city walls.

What is the most expensive piece of Banksy art ever sold?

Topline. A painting by Banksy, the most high-profile street artist in the world, broke the artist’s record for most expensive work to sell at auction Tuesday when a painting dedicated to Britain’s National Health Service sold for $20 million, with all proceeds set to go toward the NHS and health charities.

Who is Banksy’s wife?

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