Do we need to work for same employer after getting green card?

All employment based green card applicants must keep on working for the sponsoring employer even after applying for an adjustment of status or receiving a green card.

How long should I work for my employer after green card?

Once your employment sponsored I-485 is approved, you are a lawful permanent resident able to work for whomever you wish (or not at all). Many attorneys, myself included, advise you to not change positions or employers until 180 days or six months from the date of filing the I-485 or after approval.

Can I leave company after getting green card?

Before approval a petitioning employer can cancel an application; after approval the employer cannot revoke a green card. An employee can resign at any time. However, if the government can show there was an intent to resign at the time the green card was granted then the green card can be revoked for fraud.

Can a green card holder work for any employer?

After five years of being a Green Card holder, you can apply for US citizenship. It is not mandatory to apply for US Citizenship and you can remain a Green Card holder forever. … You can work for any US employer irrespective of job function, hours/week, etc, except for employers who hire only US citizens.

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Can I stay on green card forever?

Form I-551 Permanent Residence Cards are typically valid for ten years. Only the card expires in ten years, not your permanent resident status. You must apply for a new card before your current card expires. To do so, you must file a Form I-90 application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Is green card for future employment?

Most employment-based (EB) green card sponsorship is based on the concept of a future offer of employment. This future job offer becomes binding once the sponsored individual becomes a permanent resident based on the particular employer’s GC sponsorship.

Can I change jobs while waiting for my green card?

Simply put, YES, you can change your employment while waiting for final approval of your Green Card application if your I-485 application has been pending for 180 days or more. HOWEVER, there are rules to portability that you must consider, less you face denial of your application.

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