Does Thailand have refugees?

At present, Thailand continues to host some 91,635 refugees (as of July 2021, under reverification) from Myanmar in the nine RTG-run temporary shelters on the Thai/Myanmar border, in addition to approximately 5,000 urban refugees and asylum-seekers from over 40 countries, and some 480,000 persons registered by the RTG …

Does Thailand allow refugees?

The Thai government is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention but has allowed refugees from Myanmar/Burma (currently over 102 000) to stay in nine camps (temporary shelters) along the border between the two countries. Thailand has seen an exponential increase in the number of asylum seekers in recent years.

Why does Thailand have so many refugees?

For the past few decades, Thailand has been a major destination country for asylum seekers and refugees from Myanmar. Since the 1940’s, ongoing violent conflicts between Karen separatists and the Burmese army have forced many families to move. …

How many refugee camps are in Thailand?

Thailand has hosted refugees from Burma/Myanmar for more than three decades. The current nine main camps that are home to around 86,000 people are a result of consolidations over the years of many smaller settlements along the 2,400-kilometre border line.

Where do refugees live in Malaysia?

2.3 The situation in Malaysia

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The majority of refugees are concentrated around the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and the surrounding Klang Valley, though there are also sizable populations in other areas of the country, including Penang, Johor and Malacca.

Why are people migrating to Thailand?

Because of its relatively prosperous and stable economy, Thailand has attracted millions of migrants from neighbouring countries looking for a better standard of living. Sectors such as fishing, agriculture, hospitality, domestic work and manufacturing are heavily reliant on migrant workers for manpower.

How many Burmese refugees are in Thailand?

There are also roughly 150,000 Burmese refugees living at 9 official camps on the Thai-Burmese border. The largest such camp is Mae La refugee camp. In 2014, the Thai government announced plans to repatriate Burmese refugees who have been living in border camps for the past 2 decades.

Why do people migrate away from Thailand?

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), migrants are persons moving between countries in search of a better life, whether it be for work, education, family reunion, or other reasons. Refugees are persons fleeing internal conflict or persecution to seek safety in other countries.

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