Frequent question: Can you buy German citizenship?

In terms of visa-free travel, here are the 25 countries with the most powerful passports, according to a new ranking by Henley & Partners, which is into “citizenship planning.” But among them is only – Austria – one whose citizenship can be bought (more on that in a moment): Germany: visa-free travel to 176 countries.

How much do I need to invest in Germany to get citizenship?

When applying for German residency by investment, there is no set minimum figure for the amount you must invest. However, planning to invest at least 350.000 euros is recommended.

Can you buy EU citizenship?

One can buy an EU citizenship. … The term of obligatory residency reduces for investors, that’s why programs are sometimes used as a shorter path to citizenship. For example, in Portugal the investor can apply for citizenship after 5 years after he got a residence permit. Malta offers the fastest path to citizenship.

Does Germany have citizenship by investment?


Germany is not the only country in Europe offering a golden visa program leading to a residence permit through investment. Visit the pages below for further options.

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Does Germany allow dual citizenship?

In certain cases, German nationality law allows its citizens to have or acquire an additional citizenship. … As a rule, children born to a German and a non-German parent, or to parents with dual nationality, acquire the nationalities of both parents at birth, according to the principle of descent.

Do you need citizenship to buy a house in Germany?

There are no restrictions to foreigners buying property in Germany. You may buy property in Germany even if you are a non-resident and not an EU national.

How can a foreigner buy property in Germany?

There is no restriction on foreigners buying property in Germany, no matter whether they live in Germany or elsewhere. You can, therefore, buy property as a non-resident with the expressed purpose of renting it out, or you can choose to rent out your own home if you move away from Germany.

What is the cheapest European citizenship?

Malta currently offers a one-of-a-kind program and has the cheapest EU passport that you can buy which gives you access to all of Europe through its citizenship through investment program.

Are you a German citizen if born in Germany?

German citizenship acquired through birth in Germany

Since 2000, children born in Germany to foreign parents acquire German citizenship at birth in addition to the foreign citizenship of their parents, on the principle of jus soli (Latin for “right of the territory”).

Do Germans do medical residency?

Medical Specialist Training in Germany is a non-university degree and are not offered by universities. … An important aspect of the Medical Residency or Medical Specialist Training for doctors who have completed their medical education outside of EU or Norway or Switzerland is the recognition of your medical education.

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How can I get permanent residency in Germany?

To apply to become a permanent resident in Germany, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Five uninterrupted years of residence in Germany with a residence permit.
  2. Five years of secure livelihood, including health insurance and social insurance (pension) contributions.
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