How did popular culture change as a result of the Great Migration?

How did popular culture in America change as a result of the Great Migration? … The Harlem Renaissance nurtured African-American pride, and contributed great literature, drama, and music to American culture.

What were some effects of the Great Migration?

Migration also offered African Americans the chance to escape discrimination, segregation, and the Jim Crow laws that violated their civil rights. Prior to World War I, the chances for African Americans to land a lucrative job in the manufacturing industry were slim.

What kind of cultural changes do you think the Great Migration brought to the African American community?

The great migration of the African American helped create the first urban black community in the north (Lawrence 2009). Most cultures evidenced in many cities in United States today were forged during the period of the great migration.

What were two results of the Great Migration?

Between 1910 and 1930, the African-American population increased by about forty percent in Northern states as a result of the migration, mostly in the major cities. … Tens of thousands of Black workers were recruited for industrial jobs, such as positions related to the expansion of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

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Why did the Second Great Migration happen?

Dire economic conditions in the South necessitated the move to the North for many black families. The expansion of industrial production and the further mechanization of the agricultural industry, in part, spurred the Second Great Migration following the end of World War II.

What was a major positive result of the Great Migration?

Majority of the immigrants came to look for work in America’s expanding industrial firms. Upon arrival most of the immigrants settled into major cities that had job opportunities that required no-skill to low-skill, which were found in industrial firms like New York and Chicago.

What were the negative effects of the Great Migration?

Common causes of death for the migrants included cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and cirrhosis — all linked to bad habits like smoking and drinking.

What were the push and pull factors of the Great Migration?

What are the push-and-pull factors that caused the Great Migration? Economic exploitation, social terror and political disenfranchisement were the push factors. The political push factors being Jim Crow, and in particular, disenfranchisement. Black people lost the ability to vote.

What were three reasons for African American migration to the north and west quizlet?

Causes for migration included decreasing cotton prices, the lack of immigrant workers in the North, increased manufacturing as a result of the war, and the strengthening of the KKK. Migration led to higher wages, more educational opportunities, and better standards of life for some blacks. You just studied 109 terms!

What was the primary reason many African Americans migrated to the north both during and after World War I?

26 What was the primary reason many African Americans migrated to the North both during and after World War I? (1) More economic opportunities existed in the North. (2) Few chances to gain political office were available in the South. (3) Racism and discrimination had been eliminated in the North.

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