How do you use migrant in a sentence?

Migrant sentence example. He was a migrant handyman with no calluses. Many migrant workers are Chinese and the language is widely read and spoken there. The lake is an important flyway for migrant birds.

What is an example of migrant?

Migrant is defined as a person or animal that moves from one place to another. An example of migrant is a bird that flies south for the winter; a migrant bird.

How do you use migration in a sentence?

Migration in a Sentence

  1. The forced migration of the Native American Indians was a deadly journey.
  2. During the cold months, it is always interesting to watch the migration of the birds as they fly towards the warm regions.
  3. The displaced refugees found little welcome after their migration across the border.

What does migrants mean in a sentence?

: one that migrates: such as. a : a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops. b : an animal that shifts from one habitat to another.

What is a migrant person?

The UN Migration Agency (IOM) defines a migrant as any person who is moving or has moved across an international border or within a State away from his/her habitual place of residence, regardless of (1) the person’s legal status; (2) whether the movement is voluntary or involuntary; (3) what the causes for the movement …

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Which country has the most migrant workers?

An estimated 14 million foreign workers live in the United States, which draws most of its immigrants from Mexico, including 4 or 5 million undocumented workers. It is estimated that around 5 million foreign workers live in Northwestern Europe, half a million in Japan, and around 5 million in Saudi Arabia.

Who are called migrate?

1. Migrate, emigrate, immigrate are used of changing one’s abode from one country or part of a country to another. … To emigrate is to leave a country, usually one’s own (and take up residence in another): Each year many people emigrate from Europe.

What is called migration?

Migration is the process or act of migrating, i.e. the movement from one region or place of habitat to another. … It is when an individual or a group of animals move from their habitat to the new habitat.

What is the difference between migrant and an immigrant?

Differences Between Immigrants and Migrants

A migrant moves to another country temporarily. An immigrant moves to another country intending to settle there permanently. Migrants can be people simply moving from one region to another within their country or people crossing international borders.

What does mean fasted?

fasted; fasting; fasts. Definition of fast (Entry 3 of 5) intransitive verb. 1 : to abstain from food. 2 : to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods.

What is meaning of migrant workers?

A “migrant worker” is defined in the International Labour Organization (ILO) instruments as a person who migrates from one country to another (or who has migrated from one country to another) with a view to being employed other than on his own account, and includes any person regularly admitted as a migrant for …

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What do you know about migrants?

Refugees are forced to flee to save their lives or preserve their freedom, but “migrant” describes any person who moves, usually across an international border. A migrant may be moving to join family members already abroad, to search for a livelihood, to escape a natural disaster, or for a range of other purposes.

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