How many African immigrants live in Minnesota?

One in five immigrants in Minnesota is African. Today, various estimates put the number of African immigrants (born in the United States and abroad) in Minnesota between 70,000 and 80,000. This is more than a tenfold increase since 1990, when fewer than 5,000 African immigrants were estimated to be living in Minnesota.

How many Nigerians are in Minnesota?

In 2018, about nine percent of Minnesotans were foreign-born, but that percentage was as high as 37 percent in the late 1800s.

Explore data by immigrant group.

Immigrant group Population
Laotian immigrants 6,802
Liberian immigrants 12,368
Mexican immigrants 65,107
Nigerian immigrants 6,511

What is the largest ethnic group in Minnesota?

Largest ethnic groups in Minnesota *

Rank Ancestry % of Population
1. German 36.7
2. Norwegian 17.3
3. Irish 11.2
4. Swedish 9.9

How many East Africans are in Minnesota?


Place of Birth Number
Africa 125,939
Eastern Africa 83,062
Northern Africa 7,116
Western Africa 28,831

What percentage of Minnesotans are immigrants?

Minnesota’s immigrant population totals 472,849 individuals representing 8.5% of the state’s total population, meaning one in 12 Minnesotans is foreign-born.

Why did immigrants come to Minnesota?

For the first European immigrants, Minnesota was a place where the dream of owning land could become a reality. The possibilities it offered for employment in the timber and mining industries, along with farming opportunities, enticed people to leave their birth countries.

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Why are so many Ethiopians in Minnesota?

Increasingly Ethiopians are coming to Minnesota as secondary migrants from other states due to the strong job market and to be reunited with family. There are an estimated 10,000 Ethiopians living in Minnesota with the Minneapolis neighborhoods of Seward and Cedar Riverside currently having the largest populations.

What percentage of Mn is black?


Female persons, percent  50.2%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  83.8%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  7.0%

How many immigrants come to Minnesota each year?

In 2018, 484,192 immigrants (foreign-born individuals) comprised 9 percent of the population. Minnesota was home to 226,546 women, 210,832 men, and 46,814 children who were immigrants.

Immigrants in Minnesota.

Industry Number of Immigrant Workers
Educational Services 29,921
Accommodation and Food Services 29,737
Population movement