What did Bantu peoples do as they began migrating out of West Africa?

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What did Bantu peoples do as they began migrating out of West Africa quizlet?

They migrated to seek more farmland as well as space to expand their steadily growing population. What happened as the Bantu migrated throughout Africa? The Bantu domesticated sheep, some cattle, and grain as well as coming into contact with other cultures.

Why was the migration of Bantu speakers so slow?

Is a move from one region to another. They found some iron, furnaces, and iron tools. They were so slow because they had to teach other Africans how to speak that language.

How did the Bantu migrations change the history of Africa?

The Bantu Migration had an enormous impact on Africa’s economic, cultural, and political practices. Bantu migrants introduced many new skills into the communities they interacted with, including sophisticated farming and industry. These skills included growing crops and forging tools and weapons from metal.

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What religion is Bantu?

Traditional religion is common among the Bantu, with a strong belief in magic. Christianity and Islam are also practiced.

What does Bantu mean in English?

1 : a family of Niger-Congo languages spoken in central and southern Africa. 2 : a member of any of a group of African peoples who speak Bantu languages.

What did the Bantu introduce to southern Africa?

The Bantu expansion first introduced Bantu peoples to Central, Southern, and Southeast Africa, regions they had previously been absent from. … In Eastern and Southern Africa, Bantu speakers may have adopted livestock husbandry from other unrelated Cushitic- and Nilotic-speaking peoples they encountered.

Where is Africa southeastern Bantu?

The Africa Southeastern Bantu region is enormous, extending more than 2,500 miles north to south. It stretches from modern-day Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in the north; encompasses Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in its center; and finally opens into Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Angola.

Why did the Bantu migrate to South Africa?

The Bantu people migrated to South Africa mostly in search of new fertile land and water for farming (due to the Sahara grasslands drying up)….

What tradition did the Bantu people bring with them throughout their migrations 5 points?

The tradition that the Batu brought with them throughout their migrations is farming.

What do many historians believe caused the Bantu migrations?

Historians believe that Overpopulation caused the Bantu migrations.

Where do you think the Bantu would most likely establish a settlement?

Gold. During the ninth century, a Bantu-speaking people settled in the valley of the Limpopo River in southern Africa.

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