What is BSNL prepaid migration?

BSNL calls these as special recharges and the customers need to recharge their number with these packs to keep their number active. Apart from this, the operator also offers plan migration recharge plans using which customers can migrate from one plan to another plan apart from increasing the validity.

What is the meaning of plan migration customer?

In marketing, customer migration refers to the shifting of customers from one segment to the other. … This movement can be a result of any event or actions led by the company or the customer himself.

What is migration pack?

Migration packages are a combination of all necessary programs and settings to transfer the reduced data based on your selection criteria. … Note. One migration package is created for a particular migration solution.

How can I migrate to per second in BSNL?

When buying a new SIM card under GSM mobile services from BSNL, customer has to recharge with Rs 106 / 107 for activation of Per Second / Per Minute Plans, where as for migration / extension of the same plans can recharge with Rs. 74 / 75 only.

BSNL Per Second and Per Minute Prepaid Recharge Plans / Tariff.

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Particulars Per Second Plan Per Minute Plan
Plan Validity in days 28 28

How can I extend my BSNL prepaid validity?

Just send the SMS- “Ext Validity” to the number 51505 (without the quotes). BSNL will respond with an SMS asking you to confirm your request. Upon confirming it, the validity extension amount (36 Rupees in this case) will be deducted from your account balance and your validity period will be extended.

Which plan is best in BSNL prepaid?

Best BSNL Recharge Plans with Data and Unlimited Calling Benefits

  • Rs 147 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 187 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 247 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 319 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 398 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 429 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 499 BSNL Recharge Plan. …
  • Rs 998 BSNL Recharge Plan.

What is the minimum recharge of BSNL?

BSNL, the state-owned telecommunications company, raised the minimum recharge for incoming calls. As per the latest information, minimum recharge for BSNL to activate incoming calls is Rs 74. Earlier too the ₹74 plan was considered to be the minimum recharge for BSNL to keep SIM active for incoming calls.

What is lifetime validity in BSNL?

BSNL Lifetime Or Long-Term Validity Plans

With this plan, you can enjoy a 6-month validity period along with 50 MB of data and all outgoing calls will be billed on a per-minute basis.

What is BSNL plan validity?

Rs 2,399 BSNL validity extension recharge plan

BSNL Validity Plan Validity SMS
Rs 397 BSNL prepaid recharge plan 1 year 100/day
Rs 399 BSNL prepaid recharge plan 80 days 100/day
Rs 485 BSNL prepaid recharge plan 90 days 100/day
Rs 666 BSNL prepaid recharge plan 120 days 100/day
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What is PV 75 in BSNL?

Customers also get the default benefit of BSNL tunes, but for only 60 days. The Rs 75 STV pack includes 2GB of total data with 100 minutes of voice calling for 60 days. This plan also includes BSNL tunes.

What is PV 74 in BSNL?

Notably, the Rs 74 prepaid plan used to offer 180 days of validity in the past, which was then revised to 90 days in January this year. … The telco will offer 3GB of high-speed data in total and 100 minutes of free voice calling to any network in the country for 100 days with the BSNL Rs 106 prepaid plan.

What is the difference between BSNL 74 and 75 plan?

75, and Rs. 153 BSNL prepaid plans is remained unchanged. … 74 prepaid plan will continue to offer 2GB high-speed data access as well as 100 minutes of voice calling benefits to any domestic network for 15 days, while the Rs. 75 prepaid plan will retain benefits such as unlimited voice calls and 10GB data for 15 days.

What is BSNL 49 plan?

BSNL’s Rs 49 prepaid plan The entry-level special tariff voucher priced at Rs 49 was having a validity of 28 days which is now reduced to 24 days. This special tariff voucher can be used by customers who want to keep their plans active.

Do BSNL has validity recharge?

BSNL validity recharge is a type of recharge that extends the validity of your BSNL prepaid connection. You can extend your BSNL prepaid connection plan with a BSNL validity extension recharge starting from ₹75.

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How can I activate BSNL after expiry?

Firstly, you need to request reactivation via the BSNL customer care. You need to visit the nearest BSNL store and submit your reactivation request. Along with the request, you need to provide your photo ID and address proofs. You will get a confirmation call and your number will be reactivated.

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