What is citizenship in Ethiopia?

Any person has the right to be an Ethiopian national by descent, should either of the parents be Ethiopian, or in the case that an infant is found abandoned on Ethiopian soil (unless proven to have a foreign nationality). … The Ethiopian legal system strictly prohibits dual citizenship.

How can I get Ethiopian citizenship?

To be eligible to apply for Ethiopian citizen or Identity Card, Individuals must be over the age of 18 who has both or one of his / her parent an Ethiopian citizen; and citizens of a foreign country who have married an Ethiopian citizen. An Ethiopian Origin ID card is a Yellow Card.

What are citizenship rights in Ethiopia?

Citizens were assured the freedoms of movement, speech, press, assembly, peaceful demonstration, and association. Regarding political participation, citizens had the right to vote and the right to be elected to political office.

How is citizenship defined?

A citizen is a participatory member of a political community. Citizenship is gained by meeting the legal requirements of a national, state, or local government. A nation grants certain rights and privileges to its citizens. In return, citizens are expected to obey their country’s laws and defend it against its enemies.

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Is Ethiopia allow dual citizenship?

The Ethiopian legal system strictly prohibits dual citizenship. … The nationality laws of Ethiopia require citizens intending to renounce their Ethiopian nationality in the process of acquiring a foreign nationality, to inform the Ethiopian Security, Immigration and Refugee Affairs Authority in advance.

Does Ethiopia give citizenship for foreigners?

The Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has dedicated an article about Ethiopian citizenship. … Any person of either sex shall be an Ethiopian national where both or either parent is Ethiopian. 2. Foreign nationals may acquire Ethiopian nationality.

What are the right and duties of citizen?


1 His life and property are protected by the law
2 It is a citizen’s right to enjoy social services
3 It is a citizen’s right to freely own property
4 It is the right of a citizen to enjoy security and peace in the state.

Why is diversity important in our country Ethiopia?

The diversity in Ethiopia is not to be matched by anywhere in the world. What makes Ethiopia unique is the fact that you will find people with a variety of skin color and physic. Each culture has its own definition of beauty, some more or less universal, while others are extraordinary to a stranger.

What are the 2 types of citizenship?

The first sentence of § 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment contemplates two sources of citizenship and two only: birth and naturalization.

What are the 3 kinds of citizenship?

Three Kinds of Citizens

We found that three visions of “citizenship” were particularly helpful: the personally responsible citizen; the participatory citizen; and the justice oriented citizen (see Table 1).

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What is citizenship character trait?

Demonstrating good citizenship is being a person who is involved in trying to make the community, nation, or world a better place. Good citizens are people who are engaged, in big or small ways, in considering the needs of others in their community. Citizenship means more than knowing how the government functions.

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