What is organizational citizenship behavior PDF?

What is the meaning of organizational citizenship behavior?

Organizational citizenship behaviours (OCBs) are individual, discretionary actions by employees that are outside their formal job description. … Employees who are willing and happy to go beyond formal job requirements will help organizations cope with change and unpredictable circumstances.

What causes organizational citizenship behavior?

Three motives were identified through factor analyses: prosocial values, organizational concern, and impression management. … The results suggest that motives may play an important role in OCB.

How can we promote organizational citizenship behavior?

Specific examples of OCB type employee behaviors include helping co-workers, volunteering for extra-role activities, and participating proactively in all forms of workplace activities that are pro-organization, as well as avoidance from dysfunctional workplace behaviors such as engaging in arguments with co-workers and …

What is organizational citizenship behavior examples?

Examples of OCB include cooperating with others, volunteering for additional tasks, orienting new employees, offering to help others accomplish their work, and voluntarily doing more than the job requires (Borman & Motowidlo, 1993).

What are the components of organizational citizenship?

There are four components of the organizational citizenship behaviors which are altruism, conscientiousness, sportsmanship and civic virtue; three components of the organizational commitments are affective, continuance and normative; and four components of the organizational learning are information acquisition, and …

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Who proposed organizational citizenship behavior?

Behaviors directed at the individual and the organization

A different way of organizing the OCB construct was proposed by Williams and Anderson (1991). They divided up the dimensions of OCB into two different types of OCB based on whom the behaviors were directed at.

What is organizational justice in the workplace?

Organizational justice refers to employee perceptions of fairness in the workplace. These perceptions can be classified into four categories: distributive, procedural, informational, and interactional. … Finally, interpersonal justice reflects perceptions of interpersonal interactions and treatment.

What is the difference between performance and organizational citizenship behaviors?

While job performance refers to the performance of duties listed in one’s job description, organizational citizenship behaviors involve performing behaviors that are more discretionary. Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) are voluntary behaviors employees perform to help others and benefit the organization.

Are citizenship behaviors always beneficial to the company?

Organizational citizenship behavior deals with the actions and behaviors that are not required by workers. They are not critical to the job, but benefit the team and encourage even greater organizational functioning and efficiency.

How can citizenship be improved?

To avoid the potential negative aspects of citizen engagement, governments are encouraged try these five things:

  1. Provide an Easy-to-Use Platform for Innovation and Engagement. …
  2. Empower Citizens. …
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Communications Strategy. …
  4. Provide Incentives. …
  5. Provide Sufficient Staffing, Resources and Success Metrics.
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