Your question: Who is the current Immigration Minister in Canada?

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Incumbent Marco Mendicino since 20 November 2019
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Style The Honourable

What is assistant deputy minister?

Associate deputy ministers are deputy ministers in waiting, often assigned to a specific project or initiative pending appointment to lead a department. Assistant deputy ministers are operational positions, usually carrying responsibility for particular functions or budgets within a department.

Can MP help with immigration Canada?

Members of Parliament (MP) have the ability to look into immigration cases. To locate an MP using a postal code see here. It is possible to request a meeting.

Is there a deputy prime minister?

The Deputy Prime Minister (or DPM) is the second highest ranking executive officer of the government of the United Kingdom and the deputy chief of the Cabinet. … The position was created in 1942 and Clement Attlee was the first Deputy Prime Minister. There has been no Deputy Prime Minister since 2015.

What is the job of deputy minister?

Deputy minister is a title borne by politicians or officials in certain countries governed under a parliamentary system. In some countries a “Deputy minister” is a junior minister, who is assigned to assist a specific cabinet minister.

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