Best answer: How can you lose your Italian citizenship?

Can Italian citizenship be revoked?

In the other cases of revocation the adopted maintains Italian citizenship. Nevertheless, if revocation occurs when the adopted is of full age, the latter will be entitled to renounce Italian citizenship within one year after the revocation itself, if he possesses another citizenship or he regains it.

Do I lose my Italian citizenship if I become an American citizen?

Law 91/1992, introduced important changes in the citizenship law. After this date, Italian citizens who naturalized in a foreign country no longer lost their Italian citizenship and could transmit it to their children.

Can you regain Italian citizenship after renouncing?

Can you obtain an Italian citizenship if you have previously renounced it? Yes, but it requires relocating to Italy for a period of time to reestablish residency and the ability to reapply for Italian citizenship.

Do I lose my Italian citizenship if I get divorced?

Italian citizenship obtained by marriage: will you lose it if you divorce? … Should you divorce your Italian husband/wife after you obtain Italian citizenship, you will not lose your Italian citizenship for this reason. Thus, it is very important that you do not divorce before you obtain the citizenship decree.

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Do I qualify for Italian dual citizenship?

What qualifies you for dual citizenship? If you have an Italian parent, grandparent, or great grandparent, you might qualify for dual citizenship. However, your Italian ancestor must not have renounced their right to Italian citizenship and certain restrictions apply to female ancestors in particular.

What documents do I need for Italian citizenship?

Documentation requirements can vary slightly from consulate to consulate, however the following documents must be provided to support your application:

  • Birth Certificates from the “Commune’ in Italy. …
  • Death Certificates. …
  • Marriage Certificates from Italy. …
  • Naturalization Certificates. …
  • Your Personal Civil Records.

Can I get Italian citizenship through my grandfather?

If your grandfather was born in Italy and was an Italian citizen when your parent was born, it’s possible to apply for Italian citizenship through grandparents. However, you can only qualify in this way if your parent has not since renounced their right to Italian citizenship.

How much does it cost to get Italian citizenship?

As a rule, the dual Italian citizenship process can cost anywhere between $500 – $10,000.

Can I have 3 citizenships?

One individual can hold two, three, and sometimes even more citizenships and passports. … In case you obtain second citizenship in the process of naturalization, some states may automatically deprive you of your previous citizenship.

How long Italian citizenship takes?

Q: How long does it take to be formally recognized as an Italian citizen? A: It is really variable, from our own experience we are averaging three to twelve months for appointments to apply and two to six months to process an application.

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Can I move to Italy if I marry an Italian?

Once the marriage ceremony with an Italian citizen takes places, the foreign national citizen is entitled to a residence permit for family reasons, even if before marriage he/she was illegally resident in Italy.

Can I live in Italy if I marry an Italian?

In most cases, the Italian government only allows the individual requesting citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) to reside in Italy throughout the entire application process while the non – Italian spouse is generally not allowed to stay in Italy throughout the process.

What areas of Italy see the most divorce?

According to data, the highest number of divorces (roughly 21 every 10,000 inhabitants) was registered in Liguria, meanwhile Calabria was the region with the lowest number of divorces (9.8 divorces per 10,000 persons) among all the Italian regions.

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