How many migrant workers are there in Tamilnadu?

How many migrant Labourers are there in Tamilnadu?

All over India, more than 40 lakhs of migrant worker have registered themselves to return their home state, however in Tamil Nadu more than 2.5 lakh workers have registered and more than 33,000 workers want to come home in Tamil Nadu.

Lockdown and its impact on inward migrant workers of Chennai.

State & UT Reverse Migration Occurred Number of Trains
Total 32382 25

How many migrant workers are there?

More than 3 million migrant and seasonal farmworkers are estimated to be in the United States.

How many people are working in Tamilnadu?

Consequently, its share in total population improved from 64.10 to 66.20 percent. Between these two Censuses, the total number of workers in the State increased by 1.18 percent annually from 27.88 million to 32.88 million.

What is the total number of migrant workers in India?

Background. There are an estimated 139 million migrants in the country, according to the World Economic Forum.

Which country has the most migrant workers?

An estimated 14 million foreign workers live in the United States, which draws most of its immigrants from Mexico, including 4 or 5 million undocumented workers. It is estimated that around 5 million foreign workers live in Northwestern Europe, half a million in Japan, and around 5 million in Saudi Arabia.

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How many hours do migrant workers work?

While farmworkers reported working 45 hours per week on average, according to the Department of Labor, those harvesting field crops and employees on dairy farms reported working an average of 54 hours a week.

Which district is highest poverty level in Tamil Nadu?

Vilupuram was identified as the poorest district in Tamil Nadu in both income and human development. Of the 29 districts, 19 had a per capita income that was below the state average of Rs. 14000 and 18 had the HDI value which was below the state value of 0.636.

What is the percentage of unemployment in Tamil Nadu?

Interestingly, as per an analysis available till March 2021, the rural unemployment rate in Tamil Nadu was at 2.7 per cent in February 2021, marginally higher than 1.17 per cent in February 2020, coupled with a significant decrease in rural labour participation rate by around eight per cent.

What is the literacy rate of Tamil Nadu?

In 2001, literacy rate in Tamil Nadu stood at 73.45 percent of which male and female were 83.28 percent and 64.91 percent literate respectively.


Description 2011 2001
Literacy 80.09 % 73.45 %
Male Literacy 86.77 % 83.28 %
Female Literacy 73.14 % 64.91 %
Total Literate 51,837,507 40,524,545
Population movement