Is SLC and migration certificate is same?

Answer. Hi Anzar, School leaving certificate and character certificates are not the same. … While a school leaving certificate or migration certificate helps you to get admission into universities other than your parent school for further studies.

Is migration and school leaving certificate same?

Migration certificate is requried when you change from one board/university to another board/university . But Leaving certificate is a certificate which you get from the last institution to join in a new institution . Its very important for further studies .

Is CLC and Transfer Certificate same?

Hello! Yes, both are the same which are issued by school/ college when you leave school/ college and go for further studies or change the school/ college.

What is the passing certificate?

Passing certificate is a permanent certificate issued by CBSE. It specifies that you have successfully completed or passed your class 12th board examinations. Provisional certificate (or temporary certificate), on the other hand, refers to a temporary certificate till the time original certificate is not obtained.

Is transfer certificate necessary?

“Under the right to education (RTE) act, schools can admit any child up to Class VIII without any documents including TC from the previous school. … According to the RTE Act, students need not produce a TC for admission if they are unable to get it from the previous school.

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Do we need migration certificate to study abroad?

Yes, leaving certificate is a mandatory document to be provided if you want to get admission in a university abroad. Migration certificate and leaving certificates are different. … So you cannot provide migration certificate you need to obtain the leaving certificate from the college in which you have graduated.

What is the full form of CLC certificate?

CLC is the College Leaving Certificate. It is the same as Transfer Certificate.

What is class 10th passing certificate?

CBSE do not provide any passing certificate separately for class 10th. Marksheet of class 10th act as passing certificate too. But in 12th class there is separate passing certificate apart from marksheet.

What is 12th certificate called?

In India, HSC/Intermediate is known as 12th class (also known as +2) exam which is conducted at the state level by the state boards of education like (Maharashtra board, MP board, Odia board, Bihar board & many others) and at the national level by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian …

Is ICSE a secondary school leaving certificate?

Another such board on the national level is the **Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) School Leaving Diploma. The following are some of the state boards that offer a regional-focussed education. Regional boards are sometimes considered sub-par in comparison to their national level equivalents.

Is migration required for distance education?

Yes you will require the Migration Certificate to get admission to the course of M.Com although you are pursuing the course in Distance Mode.

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