Quick Answer: What does deport mean in history?

to expel (an alien) from a country; banish. to send or carry off; transport, especially forcibly: The country deported its criminals.

What is an example of Deport?

To deport is defined as to force a non-citizen to leave a country because of a lack of immigration status or other violation. When an illegal immigrant enters the U.S. and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship makes him leave, this is an example of a time when the U.S. deports the immigrant.

What does it mean to deport a person?

Deportation is the act of throwing a foreigner out of a country, whether they are a resident or an intruder. … Often, deportation happens to people who enter a country illegally and are caught. A citizen of a country is usually safe from deportation. Deportation means something close to exile.

What is the English meaning of Deport?

a : to send out of the country by legal deportation. b : to carry away. 2 : to behave or comport (oneself) especially in accord with a code.

What happens if a person is deported?

What Happens When a Person Is Deported from the U.S.? If immigration officials become suspicious of the immigrant’s activities or find evidence, they’ll detain him/her at a detention center. These centers are located throughout the U.S. A case against the immigrant is then registered at an Immigration Court.

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What is the punishment for deportation?

The basic statutory maximum penalty for reentry after deportation is a fine under title 18, imprisonment for not more than 2 years, or both.

Can you come back after being deported?

If you were ordered removed (or deported) from the U.S., you cannot simply turn around and come back. By the terms of your removal, you will be expected to remain outside of the country for a set number of years: usually either five, ten, or 20.

What crime can cause a citizen to lose citizenship?

Felony incarceration is the period of time that a citizen who has been convicted of a felony spends in state or federal prison. A felony conviction can affect citizenship in two ways. 1) A naturalized US citizen can lose their citizenship if they concealed this criminal history during the naturalization process.

What does it mean to face deportation?

Meaning of deportation in English

the action of forcing someone to leave a country, especially someone who has no legal right to be there or who has broken the law: … Their cases will be reviewed and they may face deportation.

Is deputed meaning?

Definition of ‘depute’

If you are deputed to do something, someone tells or allows you to do it on their behalf. [formal] A sub-committee was deputed to investigate the claims. [ be VERB-ed to-infinitive] Synonyms: appoint, choose, commission, select More Synonyms of depute.

Can a deported person go to another country?

A noncitizen who has been deported (removed) from the U.S. to another country is not supposed to attempt to reenter for five, ten, or 20 years, or even permanently. (The exact length of time depends on factors like the reason for removal and whether the person was convicted of a crime.)

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What does Exhiled mean?

transitive verb. : to banish or expel from one’s own country or home.

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