Was Benjamin Zephaniah a refugee?

He went from living with the two people he loved most in Africa to being all alone in the world in the UK. His father brought him to England to get him away from the war, to safety, and after three days he left him and returned to Africa. Alem was left in a care home and it was an awful experience.

What inspired Benjamin Zephaniah to write refugee?

Refugee Boy was his second novel and was written after he befriended a young Sri Lankan who had fled to London after witnessing both of his parents being shot. “Day after day, I was listening to various refugees who’d come to Britain for one reason or another,” he says.

Where did Benjamin Zephaniah go to school?

Is refugee boy a movie?

He was living below the poverty line, like many other Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities. … The film has been selected as Lebanon’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2019 Academy Awards and received the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

What age is refugee boy for?

This book is about how Alem deals with the difficulties that he comes across. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 because Benjamin Zephaniah has created a very interesting plot, which does not allow the reader to put the fantastic book down.

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What happens at the end of refugee boy?

When he comes to, he says he wants to stay in the room and hear the rest of the case. Morgan continues. When he is finished, the adjudicator gives his verdict: that there are parts of Ethiopia which are safe for Alem, he is now reunited with his father, and so the request for asylum is rejected.

Who are Mariam and Pamela in refugee boy?

Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald are the people who took care of Alem and adopt Alem. Ruth is Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald’s Daughter. Sheila is a social worker who supports Alem and other people. Mariam and Pamela they are from the refugee council: they helped Alem get a hearing to stay in England.

What are the themes of refugee boy?

Centred on culture, war, separation and relationships, the author Benjamin Zephaniah describes the story of Alem who is taken on holiday to England by his father but sadly left there alone for his own protection from the war. As a reader you are able to engage in all of the characters emotions from the separation.

What job does Alem want in the future?

When refugees come to the UK they want to make something of themselves; Alem wants to become an architect.

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