What is migration test for packaging?

Migration test; It is a test performed in food production facilities to determine whether chemical substances are transferred from food packaging and production equipment to food.

What is overall migration test?

The overall migration is determined by exposing a food contact material or article to a chemical food simulant for a specified and appropriate length of time, after which the extracted residue is dried and weighed. It measures the total amount of all non-volatile substances that can migrate into food.

Is standard for migration test?

This standard prescribes the methods of analysis for determination of overall migration of constituents of single or multi-layered heat-sealable films, single homogenous non-sealable films, finished containers and closures for sealing as lids, in the finished form, preformed or converted form. equivalent quality.

Why different packing and packaging materials are tested?

Importance of packaging material testing

Dependable packaging is an integral part of product offering. Packaging material testing provides assurance that the products will be protected from damage or degradation by the packaging during the transportation and distribution process.

Why is migration test required?

These tests are intended to verify whether a material meets the specifications that the legislator originally used to allow a material for use in food contact. These tests are applied to many materials that are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Is 10141 a standard?

Plastics are being used on a large scale for packaging of foodstuffs, drinking water and pharmaceuticals. … This standard is intended to be used with the series of Indian Standards on Plastics for food contact application which is given in Annex A.

What is migration in food packaging?

Food packaging can be a source of chemical food contaminants. The transfer of chemical contaminants from food contact materials into food is called migration. … Chemical partitioning from the packaging into the food is known as migration.

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