Where does Mahmoud travel in refugee?

As Mahmoud and his family travel from Syria to Germany, they become stranded in the Mediterranean sea when their boat capsizes in the water. When another dinghy passes by that doesn’t have space for his family, he offers up Hana to them in order to ensure that she can survive.

Where did Mahmoud go in refugee?

Mahmoud made it to a deserted island in Greece where he was picked up by another boat. From Greece he travelled to Macedonia and on to Hungary where he narrowly avoided the authorities; sleeping in woods for 12 hours before paying an agent to take him to the Austrian border.

Where does Mahmoud go after Lesbos?

Mahmoud walks out of the Hungarian prison with his family and other refugees, and marches to Austria. From Austria they finally get to Germany where they are given asylum. They stay in the home of an older Jewish German couple, and the woman turns out to be Ruthie Landau (Hana), Josef’s sister.

Is Mahmoud from refugee real?

Mahmoud Bishara is a 12-year-old boy from Aleppo, Syria who lives in 2015 in the book Refugee. He has a mother, a father, a younger brother, and a baby sister. … Mahmoud’s family made the decision to leave Syria after their building gets bombed, and because of the long-term dangerous and violent conditions in Syria.

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Why did Isabel leave her home in refugee?

Isabel’s story is similar to what many Cubans experienced under dictator Fidel Castro. Facing a food shortage and political persecution, Isabel and her family make the dangerous decision to leave Cuba on a homemade raft. They hope to make it safely to Miami to start a new life in the United States.

How far did Mahmoud take refugees?

Through all of this Mahmoud was scared, tired, and homeless. They did not have that much money but they needed to use some for a place to sleep, life jackets that eventually didn’t work. From Turkey they traveled 4.1 miles by boat to Lesbos, a Greek island.

Who dies in the book refugee?

The boy who had died so Ruthie could live. But Mahmoud was also filled with gratitude. Josef had died so Ruthie could live, and one day welcome Mahmoud and his family into her house.

Why did Josef leave Germany?

In Josef’s country of origin, Germany, he is being discriminated against and being beaten for being Jewish. Life is so awful for Jews in Nazi Germany, so his family decides they need to leave.

Who is Hana in refugee?

A refugee herself, Hana is dedicated to serving refugee populations, and previously worked for UNHCR in Cairo, Egypt. Hana also worked as an accountant for seven years in her home country of Eritrea, and has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from University of Asmara.

Who is Waleed in refugee?

Mahmoud’s 10-year-old brother. Mahmoud observes that Waleed is largely unfazed by most of the events of their journey, which worries him.

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What Mahmoud looks like in refugees?

Mahmoud is a twelve-year-old boy “with a long, strong nose, thick black eyebrows, and short-cropped black hair” (12). He is quiet and unobtrusive…. able “to walk around getting noticed by the Syrian army or the rebels fighting them was just inviting trouble” (12).

What happens to Mahmoud in the end of refugee?

Mahmoud and his family make it out of their collapsing apartment building alive, and their father puts them in a car, headed to Turkey. Later, bullets tear into the car, forcing them to abandon it.

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