Why is fruit bat migration a natural mystery?

Why is the fruit bat migration a natural mystery?

Why. The great bat migration has many factors to it, leading to the bats being one of the most important migratory animals when it comes to regenerating the forests of Africa. … Along their lengthy migration and nightly forages, they spread seeds through their faeces, assisting the growth of the land.

How does commercial farming threaten the migration of the fruit bats?

Disturbance in underground sites caused by tourism or mining activities may force bats to abandon these important roosts. … Fruit bats have often become a subjects of culling because farmers and local authorities perceive them as pests for commercial fruit crops.

Are fruit bats migratory?

Description of Eidolon helvum colonies. Straw-coloured fruit bats occur in large mixed-sex colonies year-round across the tropical belt of Africa [21]. They migrate seasonally as far north as the Savanna zone and as far south as the Cape Province in South Africa [23,24].

Why do straw colored fruit bats migrate?

A strong but sometimes awkward flier, the Straw-colored Fruit Bat has long, pointed wings which are built for endurance rather than agility. This species of bat is thought to be an opportunistic feeder, sometimes migrating over large distances to exploit increases in regional food supplies.

How many weeks do fruit bats stay in Zambian forest?

Fruit Bat Migration Facts:

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The migration takes place for around 90 days from late October to mid-December. The 10 million bats equate to roughly 3,500 tonnes of flying mammals over the migration period.

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