Why was the first staircase that immigrants climbed on Ellis Island important?

The center aisle, now, that was the one to be feared. For those immigrants being detained for legal or medical reasons, this center staircase led to the dormitory or hospital, where they were faced with a longer stay on Ellis Island. One that could easily stretch into days or even weeks.

What was the importance of the staircases at Ellis Island What were doctors looking for?

Doctors stood on the second floor and watched each person. They looked for people who had trouble walking or breathing or showed signs of other health problems. During 1903-1914, the busiest years at Ellis Island, immigrants were checked on the stairs for trachoma, a very contagious eye disease.

What purpose did the stairs in the Great Hall serve?

The Great Hall staircase was a spiral staircase located through a door behind the staff table in the Great Hall. It led down to the Trophy Room. It was somewhat of an entrance to the castle, as “Alastor Moody” walked into the Great Hall through here after being outside in 1994.

What were 3 possibilities at the Stairs of Separation?

Stairs of Separation

The stairs had three areas: one for immigrants destined for New Jersey, one of those headed to New York, and the third for those who were detained.

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What was the mark used for unhealthy eyes?

Exemplifying this notion, PHS regulations encouraged officers to place a chalk mark indicating the suspected disease or defect on the clothing of immigrants as they passed through the line: the letters “EX” on the lapel of a coat indicated that the individual should merely be further examined; the letter “C,” that the …

Why do they call it the stairs of Separation?

The Stairs of Separation acquired this name because each staircase led to a different destination. The south staircase (to your left, looking down) was for immigrants who were allowed entry and going to the New York dock.

What were the three aisles this staircase had?

What were the three aisles this staircase had? Immigrants who were being detained were often brought down the center aisle. People who were traveling west or south walked down the right side of the staircase. Those going to New York City or to the north walked down the left side.

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