How many people immigrate to Afghanistan?

What is the immigration rate in Afghanistan?

The current net migration rate for Afghanistan in 2021 is -1.559 per 1000 population, a 3.29% decline from 2020. The net migration rate for Afghanistan in 2020 was -1.612 per 1000 population, a 3.12% decline from 2019.

How many migrants are there in Afghanistan?

There are almost 2.5 million registered refugees from Afghanistan. They comprise the largest protracted refugee population in Asia, and the second largest refugee population in the world.

What country has the most immigrants each year?

According to the United Nations, in 2019, the United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia had the largest number of immigrants of any country, while Tuvalu, Saint Helena, and Tokelau had the lowest.

Which country has the most Afghan immigrants?

The majority of the diaspora has been formed by Afghan refugees since the start of the Soviet-Afghan War in 1979; the largest numbers temporarily reside in Iran and Pakistan.

Afghan diaspora.

Regions with significant populations
Germany 271,805 (2021)
United States 156,434 (2019)
Russia 150,000 (2017)
Turkey 129,323 (2021)
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Population movement