What is Migrant Mother And why is it famous?

One of them, Migrant Mother, became the iconic photo of the Depression, and one of the most familiar images of the 20th century. With her children cowering behind her for protection, hiding their faces, the Migrant Mother gazes distractedly into the distance.

What made the photo of the Migrant Mother so powerful?

It immediately captured the national attention due to its level of human emotion and objective detachment that let people feel as if they were looking into her life. The photograph did what it was meant to: it inspired the relief effort.

How did Dorothea Lange take Migrant Mother?

While touring the country on behalf of the agency, Lange came across a hungry and desperate mother and took several pictures of her, one of which would become known as Migrant Mother. Dorothea Lange believed the camera was an instrument of democracy. She tried to be open-minded and approached her subjects with respect.

What made the photo of the Migrant Mother so powerful quizlet?

What made the photo of the Migrant Mother so powerful? It made people feel sympathy for the migrants.

How did the government response to Migrant Mother?

Ask students how they think Americans responded to it. They were outraged that this should happen in America; the federal government responded by shipping thousands of pounds of food to feed the migrants. noticing the details in the figures of the woman and the children.

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What was the beneficial result of Dorothea Lange’s photograph of the migrant mother?

In this iconic photograph, Dorothea Lange captured the suffering of migrant workers affected by the Dust Bowl and the economic fallout of the Great Depression. … With as much as 25% of Americans unemployed during the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s New Deal created a social safety net and spurred economic growth.

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